Arousal pattern and fetishes

Sexual arausal and fetishes

Which problem  I work with

  • If you have a firing pattern that is inappropriate, that inflicts a lot of shame and guilt, or that simply make life difficult.
  • I can help you changed and create new firing pattern if you do not manage this alone.
  • Do you know your ignition pattern?
  • Which sexual preferences you have.
  • Teeth on something you do not dare tell your partner.
  • Have your partner ignition pattern that you are struggling to comply.
  • Do you understand what turns partner your.
  • Teeth on something that is difficult to combine with the relationship you are in.
  • Struggling to tell your partner what turns you on.
  • Want to be in relationships with several partner simultaneously.
  • Want an open relationship.
  • Are you in an open relationship and experiencing some challenges with this Do you have a fetish that is difficult to manage.
  • Have shame associated with the persons or fetish you have.
  • Do you have the urge to expose yourself or have show your self naked.

Arousal Pattern 

The individual ignition patterns established through the sexual process.Personal preference is the result of embossing, education and maturation. Most brands patterns in puberty period, where hormones earnest speeds sexual activity.Sexual ignition pattern is dependent on many factors. The first conscious experience of sexual arousal may form a prototype for later firing pattern. Sexual arousal is usually followed by a sexual responses. Although there are many factors that must be conducive to the establishment of a sexual response, a sexual response, once it is established, later awakened by a tiny and subconscious pieces of association. There are a multitude of opportunities to sexually arouse, but each individual develops throughout life separate preferanserog pattern of sexual arousal. Often, positive sexual preferences form the basis for subsequent preferences.

The shame arousal pattern

The possibilities for erotic or sexual arousal also covers a wide range. Most are more or less fetishistic in his personal firing patterns. Certain signals turns us more easily than others. Sometimes people develop singular opportunities for sexual arousal and forexample only light on particular objects. Many establishes the basis for the firing pattern earlier than puberty and relate therefore sexuality of various objects such as diapers, urine, rubber, leather etc.. It seems that the ignition pattern of some are stable and unchanging, while the other is subject to development and change. Research on the use of pornography for example, shows that it is common for young boys using pornographic material Firing early puberty, while the interest in pornography decreases as they develop sexual relationship with living partners. Precocious ignition pattern seems to be stalled because they considered sinful or sickly. That leaves them with unusual firing patterns in shameful room where cognitive and emotional processing are very common. What possibilities and limitations each one of us in relation to ignite sexually? The Danish psychiatrist Birgit Johansen has developed a fetichprogram who attend fetish ethical pirringspunkter and sufficient units. She depicts ignition patterns as a number of different degree or different number fetishistic pirringspunkter. Most sexologists will agree that everyone has their particular pattern of firing, most are well reported, but some have a little more specialized ignition pattern. Sexual arousal depends on several factors. The first conscious experience of sexual arousal may form a prototype for later firing pattern. Sexual arousal is usually followed by sexual response and activity. Although there are many factors that must be conducive to sexual response, a sexual response once it is established, later aroused by even the tiniest and unconscious pieces of association. There are diverse opportunities to sexually arouse, but each individual develops in their lifetime own preferences and patterns of sexual arousal.

Different firing patterns for men and women

1. Men teeth faster Men teeth accessories faster than women (the time it typically takes to ignite partner), here are the major differences between men and women’s sexuality. Men teeth like a gas burner, while women teeth like an old fashioned hot plate. Part of the reason for quicker ignition is that men have considerably higher doses of ignition hormone testosterone than women. Most, especially women, must work with its own ignition to find the button. Many have everything focus outward and hurrying so bad to be successful in everyday life that they can not accommodate the tranquility we need to know to enter his own pleasure.

2. Men have often brightly Testosterone may help explain why men generally have more frequent interest in sex than women. Especially in youth produces men relatively much testosterone, which increases the sex drive. This decreases as the man gets older, and men may struggle with both the desire and erection. The problem is the opposite in the elderly couple, and that it is the woman who has most often brightly. Her lust and sexuality have historically been more shameful. That pretty girls should not show that they’re horny, still remains in some communities. That goes for many beyond the ability to surrender and relax in sexual situations.

3. We light on various things Moreover, it seems that almost all men teeth visually, while women Oft teeth caress, which begins slowly and gently and gradually builds up. Men have different preferences, but triggers that tits, miniskirt, high heels and long hair works on most menn.Menn and women have different sexual fantasies.

4. Intercourse experienced differently Another big difference is the ability to enjoy sexual intercourse. Women vagina is almost insensitive while the penis is extremely sensitive. This must be so since the vagina is the birth canal and births would become unbearably smertfulle if the vagina had been as sensitive as the penis. During sex makes men stimulated the most sensitive part of the body and find it the best they can experience. Unfortunately, very few women same experience if they do not receive concomitant klitorisstimulerin. The size of the penis can be very important for the relationship – for big penises can be just as problematic as too small. It will also have an impact on your partner falls asleep right after intercourse? It’s just one of the differences between men and women

  5. Men sleepy after sex Have you experienced that you and your partner responds differently after intercourse? It’s not uncommon. – Men are often very sleepy after sex, but women are troublesome wake. The main reason is that the male sex lose erection after ejaculation, whereas female gender keeps the blood half an hour after an orgasm, which easily makes women’s multiorgansmiske.

6. Women must be in order around them Women are also often dependent on a tranquil setting, where the house is in order, no stress at work and relationships with family and friends is the best, before she manages to enjoy sex. Men tell more often that everything else becomes trivial, only they have good sex first. Women must have surplus to have interest in sex, while men describe that they get profit from having sex.

7. Women want longer foreplay Women want to spend any more time than the man before they start with actual penetration. Women teeth caress, and often want more of the romantic before intercourse. Glidemiddek may be a solution for women when foreplay does not last long enough. It does not always have to be so. The fact that men are always horny and ready, and do not need foreplay can sometimes be true, but it is not true for everyone.

8. It is easier for men to have casual sex. As long as the boys are not too full, so goes it for them every time they have sex. That makes it almost never for women in one night stands. Girls put more emotion in it than men.


Fantasies can give you insight into your sexual preferences. Fantasies may vary from person to person


Polyamory (English polyamory) denotes to have more love at the same time, as everyone involved knows and accepts. It opens for multiple simultaneous, intimate and trusting love affair, which normally include sex, but not necessarily. People who are capable of having such conditions, represents itself as a “polyamorous” colloquially like abbreviated to “poly”. Polyamory is often described as consensual, ethical, or responsible non-monogamy. The term used sometimes broadly when referring to sexual relationships or romantic relationships that are not sexually exclusive, but there is disagreement on how broadly it applies. However, great emphasis on ethics, honesty and transparency. The term can also be used as an umbrella term that includes poluamori, polyseksualitet, polyfidelitet (faithfulness to several) and all aspects of love, more or less detached from the others, as long as there is talk of more involved. Polyamory refers also to a network or a subculture, where those involved want and select open relationship where you give each other support through discussions and exchange of experiences. Polyamory question the relationship as the only form of cohabitation, and opens the way for those involved can have several love affairs simultaneously.

 Sexual desire and firing on objects mm. (Fetishism)

This is sexual arousal to objects, often clothing. Many people like sexy clothes, often in leather, lacquer or rubber. There are also many other forms of fetishism. Generally one can say that all objects and materials have their own fetishism with his own name.

Foot fetishism

Foot fetishism is a pronounced sexual interest in feet. It is the most common form of sexual fetishism for otherwise for body parts outside of tits and genitals.


BDSM is a range of erotic practices or RPG that involve bondage, domination and submission, sadomasochism and other interpersonal dynamics. Given the wide range of practices, some people do not regard themselves as a BDSMer although they are engaged who practice BDSM, inclusion in the BDSM community or subculture is usually dependent on self-identification and shared experience. Interest in BDSM may vary from one-time experimentation to a lifestyle.

Exhibitionism (Show yourself naked)

Ekshibisjonisme- Teeth that others see you naked. (Some teeth to show off and others teeth freedom feeling.Blotting, also called sexual exhibitionism. Sexual deviation implies that sexual satisfaction is best achieved, or achieved only by blotting of the genitals of an unsuspecting person, usually a stranger of the opposite sex. You know best to exhibitionism in men who blots out by showcasing his erect penis, often at the same time they masturbate. Blotting in women is less well known, however, occur. The reasons for blotting are unknown, but the most common theories claims that flasher is an immature person who does not dare to have direct physical sexual relationship or have a dysfunctional relationship and that neither gets satisfied his sexual desire indirectly by showing off naked.

Blotting consists provocation of others and flasher hope to either excite, shock or scare others. Blottere chooses often teenagers or underage children as objects. Blotting is among the most common forms of sexual deviation. It occurs very rarely that flasher takes physical contact with the person exhibitionism is directed. For the victim is not the bodily integrity violated, but the psychological integrity can be perceived as violated. It may be appropriate to give children information about blotting, to avoid that they become frightened or feel guilty for what they have witnessed. Sexual exhibitionism is a criminal handling.Det are more sexually accepted that women can show off, f. Ex if girls showing tits at a nightclub, the likelihood of a man does not make it but if men do this, people will respond.

Sexual domination

Sexual domination is a sexual role play where one or more persons exercising coercion forced consent, to one or more other persons. Dominance is in a sexual context something erotic and sexual, where one party is dominant and the other submissive. It is based on the parties become sexually aroused in their respective roles. Dominance is one of the elements involved in BDSM. In sexual domination is not necessarily violence or pain.

Sexual sadism (Inflict pain as part of sexuality)

Sadomasochism is a sexual activity which essentially concerns to dominate others or even being dominated, and / or to give or suffer pain. The sexual is that basis, but all the activities within the SM may not necessarily give sexual pleasure. It is fundamental in SM that this takes place voluntarily.  

Voyeurism (watching, watch)

Voyerisme- sexual pleasure by watching others.

Bondage (Bound, chained mm.)

Bondage (from Anglo-Latin “bondagium”) is a sexual practice where the one party is bound, chained or otherwise get hampered or granted a limited ability to move freely. Bondage is often an important element in the practice of BDSM. It has not been proven any connection between either traumatic childhood or mental health problems, and to kindle sexually BDSM.  sexual masochism Receive pain as part of sexuality

Sexual masochism

Receive pain as part of sexuality Trolism Some others have sex with your partner when you look at or secretly watching  


Is when teeth on a specific part of the body


For some traditional body parts get a little too traditional, and it is apparently only the imagination limits what you can have sex with. It is axillisme an example. This is actually the name for people who prefer to have sex in the armpits.

Transvesric fetishism

You are sexually aroused by crossdressers


You called random to be excited by talking with them and talking with them sexually

Abstinece You will be excited by being denied sex. Builds energy.


You will be excited by being peed on


Can Kindle to be pooped on and on stools.


Sexually aroused by the Adhesive

Emetophilia Sexually aroused by the cranking


That by hanging himself other in public places Iastophilia Be sexually aroused by watching people being raped


To be excited by pain


Controlling breathing and selvkveling


Be excited by dead people


Be excited by animals and have sex with animals. It is important that you consider different type of infection that can spread. It is also strictly prohibited to perform in Norway. This is not so strict in other countries such as in rural Brazil.


Being excited by teenagers and youth hirsutism The lighting of the body hair


It igniting eating other people (Cannibalism)


Becoming e baby, light the baby.


Also called adult baby syndrome. This fetish is to dress and behave like a baby, and often involves the diaper, bib and a small role play before the act.   balloon Fetish This is to be excited to play with, or by blowing up balloons. Here it can often be the bright colors and feel of rubber which is fascinating, and if the balloon would burst may be the ultimate climax.


Also called tree-lovers, and assumes that you are attracted and excited by trees. Men with this fetish will happily rubbing genitals against the tree, while women might want to use branches to masturbate. Such fetsij makes perhaps the cozy Sunday hike in the woods to something completely different than we are used to.


The question of whether you like to have sex with the lights on or off, is often about how comfortable you are with your own body. But for some people it is question of something quite different. People with achluofili teeth namely the darkness itself.


Out of the darkness, we are moving towards the antithesis. Actirasty is the term for people who are sexually aroused by sunlight. We can almost understand, sunny summer is after all quite lovely.