Mentoring is particularly suitable for couples where sex has become routine and boring, or where sex has stopped or  in a period with almost no sex. Many couples are intermittently exposed to the sexual life and that lust for one or both is on the back burner. Such periods often occur only after a few years when the crush is no longer just dropping, after giving birth, after extra hard workload or after the children have moved out. Experience shows that the earlier one gets help for turning the negative pattern into positive development of all aspects of the relationship, the greater the chance for success. It may, therefore, be a good investment to get help,advise and mentoring from a sexologist to achieve renewal of regular sexual practices. This is done by analyzing sexual potential of both the partners and achieve a good climate for communication about sexual desires. During a total of five hours conversation ,we will go through both of your  sexual preferences, and propose suitable sexual practices for both.