About me

I concentrate on therapy, counselling, coaching and training. The goal is to help people make the leap towards a better and more complete life

I have 13 years of university education in various majors. Norwegian education includes several bachelor and master’s degrees. I got interested in sexology quite early. Only 21 years old, I completed a bachelors degree in psychology with a specialization in sexology

I want to be a therapist that you can rely on for all challenges. I am an information seeker and have travelled around the world to understand various cultures ,traditions related to sexuality to update my knowledge, education and skills .

I have both lived and worked abroad and combine many different methods adapted to varied life experiences. I have learned that everyone is unique which means that when something works for you it does not necessarily work for others. It is therefore important that together we try to figure out what exactly you need to get ahead in your process and progress.

Psychology, sexology, anatomy, management, pedagogy, yoga, and mindfulness are some of the core areas I have studied and experienced. I have expertise in women’s health, counselling for men and assisting couples to get back into fulfillment of sexual desire / energy.

I am passionate about guiding people into the brand new and strong experiences in relation to their own and their partners sexuality.