Coaching is guidance, motivation, learning and training of people, where you learn to make conscious choices and undergo professional and personal development. Coaching is about supporting and helping people move towards what they really want in life . Coaching is to support people in exploring and developing more opportunities. Coaching does not solve problems alone, but helps you find new solutions through good conversation routines and communication. Such routines, or habits, are often linked to your own opinions. Coaching is therefore to support you in the change process needed to achieve goals or learning goals. I will help you by being a good conversation partner where you can further develop your inner-driving forces and thus get the results you want.I use different conversation and questionnaire techniques so that you get the perspective you need to find meaningful answers.

Coaching before dating and new partner

Ignorance is bliss before one hits the ground. It is very essential to be pro-active than to be reactive. Hence, It is worth looking into self and your own necessities before you look for new partner and continuing this process of self discovery even after you have settled with your new life.  Take a reflection round with a professional as many people choose the wrong partner. I ask reflective questions based on your personality,necessities and your new partner. Several of us take this reflection too late. We often have no friends and family around us who can frame reflective questions. Especially friends are careful to ask critical questions about your new partner.

Most relationships are rosy at first. Eventually when the picture is faded,  the base value to you and your partner are far greater than you saw in the beginning  as everyday life is reportedly changing conditions by themselves. We must not forget the most important starting point when going out to find a new partner. Many people struggle to find out what they actually want in life and end up being with a wrong partner.Many people do not understand that being with a wrong partner ,the risk is very high. They also overlook many important factors like children, families,shared responsibilities and need (sexual and physical,mental, emotional, social, economical etc).

I , as your therapist, will help you prepare for dating a new partner and continuing a successful relationship. We go through many processes . It might be good to discuss this with a specialist.