Issues before, after and during pregnancy

Issues before, after and during pregnancy

What kind of issues I work with I feel that it is difficult to get started with sexuality after birth. I’m more interested in the child than my husband. Seksualivet has changed drastically after birth. Sex during pregnancy 12 percent of all women feel sexier when they are pregnant. A quarter feel less attractive and may even feel disgusted when they experience changes in your body. To change your sex drive The female body undergoes major physical and hormonal changes during pregnancy, and whether you fancy sex or not during pregnancy depends on the stage of pregnancy you are. To change your sex drive through the pregnancy trimesters:

First Trimester

Seven days into the pregnancy begins egg producing hormones to prepare the body for pregnancy. The woman is experiencing fatigue and frequent urination. Some women experience severe nausea, especially in the morning. Increased sensitivity in breasts and nipples. At orgasm can breast the volume increase by 25 percent. Breasts can be so blasted that it can be painful. Touch should be cautious. Sexuality can be affected negatively by all the physical changes in the body. Some may increase desire. Now the hassle of being pregnant / not conceive gone and they feel a strong affinity with their partner.

Second Trimester

It’s rare physical ailments during this period. Her breasts are bulging, belly stands nicely out and getting redder cheeks and a healthy, glowing appearance. Lust often increases, both male and female. Many people experience increased sensitivity, also in gender. It is common with multiple sexual dreams. Some women who rarely masturbated before pregnancy, do it now often. Some women have an increased ability to orgasm. Birth canal and uterus mouth is more open and filled with blood, and the moisture in the vagina is more abundant. This leads to it being easier to stimulate the clitoris through sexual intercourse, the uterus pressing against and make it narrower. Some women experience for the first time in their lives that they have an orgasm only through sexual intercourse.

Third Trimester

Now the physical discomforts of full return, and your stomach is heavy to carry. As tiredness, back pain and poor sleep quality due to frequent tissing, is the most common. Some also experience pelvic pain, which makes sexual intercourse practically impossible. Even more sexual dreams, and even more blood filled sex. But weariness makes your sex drive diminishes. Milk Splash during orgasm, and overall milk leakage through the day. Prolonged sexual arousal – without orgasm – can at this point be very painful because of the pressure on the inner genitalia. Orgasm pattern can be changed toward the end of pregnancy. Instead of many contractions can orgasm be one long and perhaps painful contraction. At least 15 percent experience this, but it is not dangerous. It may be impossible to achieve complete muscle relaxation after orgasm. Pregnant teeth on girls

Sex after childbirth Many new mothers are so chock-full of “love hormone” oxytocin that they are well fed and well looked it with everything sex and sexual feelings to do. Others have loss of sleep and discomfort that makes the desire for sex disappears. Others have more interest in sex than before. One of the things that can happen when you have sex after birth, is that she can start getting revel (sprutorgasmen) when she has an orgasm. – There may be a bit surprising and some people find it annoying if the breasts suddenly begins to leak. It may help to wear a bra that adds pressure on your nipples so that it does not run as much. physical changes Leaking milk, is not the only change. Many women dread the first intercourse after birth, simply because they are different hem. – Many have thoughts on it. Meanwhile, there are others who go straight from the delivery room and have his first evening. This can be experienced physically different during sex: • Can feels tighter bottom (sewn cramped) • Can recognized further downward (sewn loosely) • Can feels drier downstairs (because of breastfeeding) • She can squirt milk during orgasm • She can get contractions of the uterus (contractions) during orgasm • She may have hemorrhoids • Do you have sex early, both know of stitches – Sexual intercourse can be painful if she is sewn tight. This should have straightened after half a year. That she is experiencing dryness is quite normal and is related to breastfeeding. A good advice is to have tilgjendelig lubricant. Use condoms the first 20 days, the stitches have healed. This will prevent any infection. The farther apart the new parents the couple is in their view of pregnancy, birth and postnatal period, the harder it can be to get started again. Point number one on the list is to talk with each other about sex and relationships in general. We would like to see those who are adept at this before the baby arrives, also do fine afterwards. Meanwhile others can have it hard before, during and after. To establish best practices in relation to this, is important. One should take their time. This can be experienced little as first intercourse, that is not completely known and through this the first sexual intercourse is one recognized. It may be all right to make it a romantic setting, she says.

Advice for inspiration: • Take your time • Do not force, respect the fact that things take time • If she is different hem; try new positions, exploring each other again • It is common to wait anywhere from a few days to 6 months • Think about how good it was for the best. So it will be again! Remember that you can also have a lot of good proximity without having intercourse. There is nothing in the way of creating a romantic evening without intercourse, and with just the proximity. When we are close to each other does the body remove oxitocin, a natural hormone in the body. It is responsible for our sense of belonging. It is important in any intercourse but perhaps particularly. Take your time and have a lot of closeness and security to each other and be open. Talk together. How long waits to have sex? There are large variations in terms of how long one waits with the first sexual intercourse after birth. Some are mentioned in again immediately. But the common experience the cleansing is complete, it takes 10 to 20 days. Experience referred that it can take up to a year before you are back to “normal.” One has not come slightly started after six months, you should seek help.

Rehabilitation after birth Strains of a narrow vagina can make it a little further. This one can help. Regarding pinch exercises this will also help a great deal to get a more spacious sheath. The sheath should back formed naturally during the first six months. That does not happen, you can seek help. Some are expanding the vagina during birth selenium, and often you come back to normal with pinch exercises, this may take some time. urination There may come a few drops of urine during heavy lifting, by laughter or by coughing or sneezing. Most often this happens in the last months of pregnancy. Imagine the growing uterus is located and presses on your bladder. As your child grows increases this pressure. By, for example sudden sneeze the pressure further on the bladder. Only briefly, but enough that it can get a little involuntary urinskvett.Det is not uncommon, and there is help to hide plagues! The most common error in training bekkenmusklatur The most common errors: Many people use the seat, thighs, stomach and breathing muscles instead of the pelvic floor muscles. Some also easy to press down, which has the opposite effect. Test pelvic floor Test of the pelvic floor muscles 4 months after birth: This you should do when you are needing the toilet: Skip a few times up and down with legs slightly apart and host simultaneously. There will not be a drop of urine. Do this test 3-4 times a year.

Mental changes in her

At a birth undergoes we also psychological changes, and some women find it difficult to have intercourse during the time after birth both because their body is “taken over” by the baby; it’s food basket, security, closeness and warmth – but also if they have problems with self-image. – Some women think it’s great with the pregnant body and changes afterwards. They feel more female, and have no problems with the changes that occur. – Others may have problems with how they look clean physical, that they are different downward, and that it is difficult to relate to his “new” body, and that the vagina is now a birth canal. She may also find that the need for closeness becomes saturated – perhaps over saturate the baby. The body belongs to the child – the child will have the chest, has been in the stomach and so on. Therefore, it may take time to open up for partner. – Just this can be difficult for men to understand. They have no no physical possibility to understand, they will never experience the woman does; the body constantly responds physically to the child’s needs. Then it can be difficult to divide the body with a third person. She has been the victim of rape or incest, a birth retraumatisere her.

Mental changes for men

Men can also have light problems after birth and for example look at her breasts as food basket rather than sexual objects. And vagina have a function other than being a channel for sexual pleasure. It is a relatively known side effect that fathers who are involved in birth may have problems with lust afterwards. And he will also know the changes in her genitalia. Here I give the same advice we give to women, if not the desire is in place for six months, you should get help, says the midwife. A birth is violent and can cause lasting impression. Some men seem simply it’s disgusting and may struggle with visual impressions afterwards. They experience birth as fremmedliggjørende and no longer sees the woman as his girlfriend, wife or as a sexual object anymore. They may find it repulsive. This may include, pregnancy, birth and the changes afterwards. There are no statistics on how many men there are who are having difficulties in the relationship after the birth. Some struggling. Others, it seems, is sublime, and get increased sexual desire and pleasure at the thought that the woman has given birth to them a common child.