Problems related to relationship

Issues in the relationship

What kind of issues I work with:

  • You have very different firing pattern sexuality
  • You will manage sexuality differently
  • You want to experience a vitaltitet and new “spark” in relationship
  • Is sexual life a sore topic
  • Have you and your partner different views on sexuality because of different faiths.
  • Do you want to work with the relationship after a tough course of disease
  • I do not allow my partner to masturbate
  • I get jealous when my partner focuses on her own sexuality.
  • There is little satisfaction in sexuality


  • I struggle guilty of adultery
  • We can not build trust after infidelity
  • I can not forgive partner for adultery
  • Have you discovered that your partner is cheating?
  • Have your partner relationship online.
  • Do you use sex as a means to achieve other things in life?



  • Require increased empathy and interaction between you and your partner
  • Arguing you ?.
  • We dissolves squabbles and disagreements in the relationship.
  • Arguing you about sex
  • You can not give the other space to be themselves.
  • One feel eigt of the second Jealousy destroys relationship
  • I want to work with my jealousy
  • You get help to get ahead in a demanding or entrenched crisis
  • You can improve communication in the relationship to improve communication between you
  • You can better understand and strengthen each other’s individual needs and values
  • You become better acquainted with each other, can help to prevent and prepare to cope with demanding periods arising
  • Do you want to break the relationship because it is too tough.
  • You can take up sexual issues that are difficult to record.
  • Do you experience a crisis in the relationship can be solved by opening up to the issues that have created the crisis You want to be greeted as a unique human being from your partner Always get rejected by your partner.