Problems related to lack of sexual desire

Problems related to lack of sexual desire

I work on issues such as:


  • Assisting you with problems having sex after childbirth.
  • Different opinions about the frequency of sexual intimacy.
  • Individual sex drive is causing frustration and feelings of lack of subsequent desire.
  • Your motivation for sexual arousal is absent.
  • The consideration that there is not enough attention to the differences between female and male sexuality in the relationship.
  • You need an objective path to finding a way back to a healthy sex life.
  • Having difficulties expressing your own sexual needs, getting to know your own body, or have not developed enough awareness of your patterns of sexual desire.
  • Men and women experience sexual desire and impetus differently. A woman can feel guilt and experience sex as challenging.
  • Some women have had sex for a long time without feeling the desire. When you go into a negative pattern, it is important to be aware of any desire pattern you have.
  • Want Problems for women.

What is meant by decreased sexual desire?

Lack of sexual desire is the most common sexual challenge among women. Often it can be difficult to treat, but not impossible.  Loss of sexual desire should be seen as something abnormal that has been debated for a long time. The condition usually has a psychosocial cause, and it is affected by a variety of conditions in everyday life.

Population studies have shown that from 10% to 46% of women may have decreased sexual desire. Total aversion to sex is, however, rare. The condition is most common among middle-aged and older women. For women, the problems often associated with mental health, although anxiety and depression can inhibit the desire for both sexes. Often not only a minor problem, but it may come from lubrications and orgasm problems. There are various reasons for lack of sexual desire.

 Problems related to lack of sexual desire for men

Conflicts in relationships with jealousy and uncertainty regarding possible infidelity, depression, stress, performance anxiety, mental illness and depression can cause light problems.

Surveys show that 40% of men with depression have low libido and feelings of sexual arousal.


Men’s sexual problems can be a difficult topic. For many men, it is associated with shame and baseness if they experience problems with intimacy. Often it can be so painful to acknowledge such problems that men pull away instead of going into the problem.


Understanding the problem and then examining possible solutions for it . The experience of not performing well enough in bed can simply be so inflamed that the man chooses to escape from the problem instead of doing something about it.